About Us

Doggyline.com ®  is the creation of two sisters, Laurie and Suzanne. It started with a simple desire to bring smiles to pet lovers, and lovers of pet lovers everywhere.

Laurie cares for our 95 year old mom, Elsie, who alternately loves, bosses, feeds and “airs” Toby, Laurie’s rescue Yorkee-Poo, and his compatriot in crime, Chloe, a minature poodle, around the house while Laurie is at work.

When leaving Laurie’s home after a “mommy sitting” trip, Laurie held Toby up to me for a goodbye kiss and said “they are just “Little Pieces of my Heart” with her best and happiest smile!

I left saying to myself-”she will see that on a T-shirt soon!”  and--- DOGGYLINE.COM. ®  WAS BORN. The rest is HISTORY in the making. For the last many months, my sister and I have been working with our creative design team and creative management team to bring a refreshing, fun and happy line of “People” T-shirts and “Doggy” clothes to all of our friends and Dog Lovers who want to share their thoughts, in a lighthearted way, with everyone.

Follow us as we create a happy, loving, and generous environment for you to express your care, for your loved pets and your loved ones-both big and small.

Share your “Doggylines” with us and who knows, you too can be seen wearing your expression of love on your “sleeve”.


Suzanne and Laurie,

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